Welcome to Mother Teresa Public School

We are a new age educational institution founded on timeless, old world values. MOTHER TERESA PUBLIC SCHOOL is a part of the Jalahalli Education Society.
The school is a laboratory in which we aim at developing the heart and mind of the learners in an environment of freedom, respect, love and affection.  The school truly embodies the spirit of Indian Gurukula system which focuses on seeking of truth and codifying of knowledge. 
In today's global, multicultural and knowledge oriented world, education is the tool that opens the door for creative thought, enterprise and trend setting adaptations and changes. But does todad's education prepare the young minds to face challenges, reach out courageously and empathetically embrace this world? Our experience cautions us before making this claim. As a team of experienced educationists, we very strongly believe t ...Read More

Teaching is focused on


    visual, touch, smell, sound and taste – The need to understand that teaching has to appeal to the learners and the trainees. The classroom teaching would involve many aids which would focus the content and appeal to the different learning styles of the students.


    Feelings – No learning happens without the appeal to emotions, all learning will be packaged with emotions of being a leader and the need to be motivated, enthusiastic, positive appreciative and other people centered approaches. The classroom instruction materials would include biographical sketches, inspirational stories, role plays, surveys and case studies


    To build the intellectual capacities of the young minds such as analytical ability, critical thinking and problem solving skills an emphasis on understanding the problems with adapting to change and the ability to be visionaries rather than be firefighting would be addressed as the core areas of knowledge and skills development for educational leaders. The teaching methods used would be presentations, projects, quiz and use of technology in the form of animations, online games and videos.


    The value disposition of the leader is of vital significance in their progression as a leader. The focus is on the personal value systems and values that once developed are good for the individual and the society in general



Finding the right school is all about finding the right environment for a child and we, at Mother Teresa Public School, strive with the same goal in mind. Admission to Mother Teresa Public School is open to all children from Montessori, Kindergarten, and Classes 1 to 10 ...


Activities In School

Co-curricular activities are almost as important as academics in molding the all-round personality of the students. The School offers plenty of opportunities in this area. Students are involved in Community Services to make them socially relevant.


Facilities In School

Mother TeresaPublic School is located on M.E.S. Ring road, Muthyalanagar, Jalahalli,Bangalore-560 013, The school campus is spreadover 3 acres.The campus accommodates CBSE, State Board School, Nursing Course, PU college.


"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless"

― Mother Teresa